Rose Drive Itsy Bitsy First Grade Spiders

Arachnids invade Rose Drive! 1st Grade "arachnologists" studied the wonders of arachnids during the third week in October, culminating with spider hats and a chorus of The Itsy Bitsy Spider, performed for Rose Drive's office staff. Why did the itsy bitsy spider climb up the water spout? 

Rose Drive Third Graders Learn to Appreciate Theater

Rose Drive 3rd graders enjoyed their first field trip of the year on October 13th – a trip that had them traveling by bus to the San Gabriel Playhouse. Students were treated to a live performance of 'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown'. For many, it was their first musical performance, complete with a live orchestra. What a wonderful way to kick off the school year! 

Rose Drive Third Graders Earn Their First Class Reward

Even though it is early in the school year, students in room 61 must be demonstrating all of our Rose Drive student expectations perfectly, given that they have already earned their first classroom-wide incentive. Mrs. Fast and Mrs. Thorp report that their student’s outstanding behavior earned them a special event day last week. Each student was allowed to bring their favorite stuffed animal to hang out at school for the day. Each child shared aloud special facts about their fuzzy friends, with one boy even exclaiming that his bear helped him do better on his math test!! Way to go Third Graders! Thank you for serving as such fine role models – keep it up! 

Rose Drive First Graders and STEAM

Rose Drive 1st Graders, who have been studying the three states of matter, were recently invited to participate in an exciting STEAM activity which could not have been timed more perfectly. With a strong focus on the properties of solids, students were provided with a variety of solid materials to build the tallest tower possible that could stand on its own. Presley is pictured presenting the winning 24" tower to the class. Not only were students presented with pictures and interesting information about famous towers, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but they also got to learn about the work of engineers and architects. Fascinating AND educational! 

Rose Drive Gives “Kudos for Kindness”

Thanks to Christine Phillips, a past Rose Drive graduate and current 8th grader at YLMS, Rose Drive was excited to launch the school-wide kindness campaign, “Kudos to Kindness,” the purpose of which is to encourage students to “scatter kindness”. Students are encouraged to acknowledge the kind people and their kind acts by writing them on an empty card and adding them to the “Kudos for Kindness” box located in the library.  Principal Adamson draws two cards every Friday and both the kind person and the person reporting the kind act are rewarded with kindness wristbands. Last week marked the first drawing. Fifth grader Tara Powell was recognized by Makayla Abadie, “For helping me with my math work and being kind,” while 4th grader Joshua Cruz recognized Seth Boon for his kindness, “I was sad that nobody let me play soccer so Seth invited me to play soccer with him.” We are excited about the far reaching repercussions of this powerful yet simple program and message as students seek not only to treat others with kindness, but to also acknowledge one another for their kindness.

Groovy Day at Rose Drive

In return for reaching their second school-wide jog-a-thon fundraiser goal of $10,000, Rose Drive Roadrunners were awarded with Groovy Day. Sporting tie dye shirts, far-out shades, bell bottoms, and plenty of peace signs, students truly took the meaning of “Groovy” to a whole new level. Rose Drive is so very grateful to their supportive and generous families for their incredible support of this major fundraiser, which serves to provide a variety of enrichment programs, field trips, assemblies, classroom supplies, and family events each year. Students are already well on their way to achieving the next two milestones, at which time they will be rewarded with the popular “Teacher Swap Day” and teacher whipped cream/pie eating contest. There are high hopes that students might continue on t=o the final goal, $35,000 which would result in a Principal Sundae Assembly. Here is to turning Rose Drive’s principal into a human sundae! 

Rose Drive Third Grade Time Capsules

An annual beginning of the year tradition, Mrs. Fast and Mrs. Thorp’s third grade class took time this past week to create their very own time capsules. Contents of each time capsule included pieces of string measuring each student’s height, a news article of their choosing highlighting a current event, and their written goals for the year. Students will open them again on the last day of school, at which time they will have the opportunity to determine how much they have grown, how many of their goals they reached, and how relevant their news article turned out to be. So much to look forward to!