Annie Jr. Red Carpet Event

June 14th was movie day at Rose Drive, allowing the entire student body the opportunity to watch the recorded movie of our Annie Jr. production. It seemed fitting, therefore, that on June 13th, the day before this special showing, Annie Jr. cast members were treated to a special “Red Carpet” event and pre-screening of the movie. Annie themed cupcakes, red licorice, and “Martinelli's” toasts were among the delicious treats in which our Annie “stars” indulged before they began their red carpet walk to their seats, accompanied by the applause of staff and parents. A well-deserved treat for these shining superstars! 

Locks of Love

On June 10th, the following 9 brave and selfless Rose Drive students donated 10 inches or more of their gorgeous and healthy hair to Locks of Love: Lily Cho, Presley Langworthy, Grace Evans, Samantha Acedo, Guanru Chang, Leilani Maldonado, Rachel Kirchner, Iris Loza, and Ruth Jacob. Planning for this event was no easy feat - requiring the girls to provide plenty of forethought, thus allowing time and patience for sufficient hair growth. Joining the girls in donating their hair on this morning were four Rose Drive staff members, Ms. Perr (event organizer), Brandee Cook, Vicki Osborn, and Dori Fregoso. Participants were placed in the very capable hands of three hair stylists, who graciously donated their time to participate: Sarah, Rebecca, and Christin.  Sustenance was provided in the form of donated snacks and coffee, compliments of local businesses.   

All hair donations were submitted directly to Locks of Love (, a not-for-profit organization that provides the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children with medical hair loss.  Most recipients have lost their hair due to an auto-immune condition known as alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure.  Others have suffered severe burns, radiation treatment, or any number of dermatological conditions resulting in long term or permanent hair loss.   

Thank you to all of you for your participation in this worthy and most necessary cause. Your thoughtful donations will go a long way to helping young children feel more like themselves again. We commend your generosity and courage.

Dr. Domene Visits Rose Drive Preppy K

Rose Drive Preppy K students were so very excited to present a special gift this week to our very own superintendent, Dr. Domene. As a show of appreciation for his many years of service to our district and all he had done for students in that time, Mrs. Helm’s Preppy K students presented him with a special book, “Adventures with Grandpa. The presentation was made extra special since it was wrapped using paper that was decorated by his grandson, Carter, who happens to be in Mrs. Helm’s class. Dr. Domene loved the book so much, he decided to stay and give a special reading to the students. What a treat!
Dr. Domene – we thank you for your years of service and for being such a terrific superintendent. How we will miss you!   

Second Grade Parent Thank You Performance

What better way for students to show their gratitude for the many wonderful things their moms and dads do for them than a special “THANK YOU” performance. Rose Drive Second graders showed their appreciation by singing, sharing special memories, and reciting various literature pieces that highlighted just how special their parents are to them. Needless to say, there were very few dry eyes in the audience, hence the reason students had tissues at the ready! The performance ended with a beautiful rendition of Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me.” Thank you, parents, for being there to allow your children to show their strong feelings of thanks, and for all you do for our students to allow them to become the amazing individuals we know them to be. 

Fairy Tale Day at Rose Drive

Rose Drive Preppy K and Kindergarten students enjoyed our annual “Fairy Tale Fun Day” this past week. Students dressed as their favorite fairy tale character and enjoyed making their own ‘princess and the pea mattresses', braiding Rapunzel’s hair, counting prince and princess rings, decorating ‘royal’ cupcakes, building castles, and many other magical centers! Such a fun and interactive day!

Red Nose Day!

Rose Drive’s Team Roadrunners decided to help out the Red Nose Day Fund! They made posters and posted them around the school, explained  the Red Nose Day Fund to the student body, and  sold red licorice for 4 days at recess time. Team Roadrunners raised $308. Red Nose Day is a special day for people to get together and have fun to raise money for charities working to help kids in the United States who are living in poverty. 

5th Grade Squid Dissection

Fifth graders learned firsthand this week all about the inner workings and makeup of squids. Taught by parent/teacher Mrs. Garcia (Gaby’s mom), students worked in pairs and were led through a step by step dissection as they located and then identified major external and internal features and organs of a squid. Students shared and reported on their observations, giving them an overall understanding of basic dissection techniques and terms, while being gable to examine the functions of several squid features and organs. What a fun, interactive way to learn about these fascinating creatures of the sea! Thank you, Mrs. Garcia, for bringing learning to life for our students in such a realistic and interactive way.