Rose Drive 2016-2017 Reflections Winners

We are pleased to announce that the following Rose Drive student placed in the district-wide Reflections contest. Congratulations to kindergarten student, Jack Liefer, whose collage (visual arts category) will be showcased along with the other district winners at the Fourth District Art Gallery in the New Year. Way to go Jack - how proud we are of your fine efforts. We are equally as proud to announce the following Rose Drive students, all of whom placed in the District-wide contest: Henry Weng, Tyler Kim, Brayden Bittel, Sienna Pieper, Riah Tarka, Ted Chen, Addison Pfeifer,
​and ​
Oliver Pedyash. Thank you to all of you for submitting work for this contest - we look forward to seeing everyone’s artwork on display at the PDA in February of 2017, date TBA. A special thank you to Mrs. Bittel for coordinating this event and for encouraging so many of our students to participate this year. The time you dedicated to the communication of this program and providing students time during their lunch recess to work on their projects is truly appreciated. 

Rose Drive Kindergarten Program

This month of fun-filled activities concluded with our annual Rose Drive Kindergarten Holiday Program! Dressed to the hilt with bow ties and reindeer hats, our boys and girls sang six holiday songs to an overflowing MPR of beaming family members! And they certainly did NOT disappoint – they sang their hearts out and were rewarded with booming applause. What a terrific way to celebrate this exciting time of year! 

Rose Drive Kindergarten Snow Play and Igloo Creations

Talk about hands-on learning - and very chilly hands at that! J Ms. Perr’s Kindergarten class was delighted to touch and ply with real snow (directly from the mountains) this past week! This was a fun activity that encouraged students to use their senses to describe what they felt, saw, and even tasted! The topic of snow continued into the next day, when students created their own igloos (to coincide with the letter of the week, “I”).  The only catch? Instead of snow, students used marshmallows and cups. Students tested their math skills by grouping by tens to reach 50 and then proceeded to put their creativity and structural skills to use in the approach and method they developed to place each marshmallow. The result: completely unique and individual igloos! 

Firefighters Say THANK YOU!

Pictured are our Rose Drive Kindergarten classes showing off their firefighter hats! ​

After collecting an overflowing bin of new, unwrapped toys for their Spark of Love and Toys for Tots toy drives, our local firefighters showed their appreciation by distributing stickers and pencils to all students and firefighter hats for our kindergarten students. Generosity and compassion were the traits of the month as students came together to give back to those in need. 

Rose Drive Toy Drive

Putting this month’s character trait, compassion, into practice, Rose Drive students came together this past week to donate to this year’s Spark of Love and Toys for Tots Toy Drive. Dropping off new, unwrapped toys before and after school all week, students were successful in filling several large boxes. Firefighters from our local fire department stopped by after school on Thursday, December 15th, to collect the toys for delivery, and to personally thank the students for their generosity. Thank you, Rose Drive Roadrunners for doing your part to make the holidays that little bit more special for those who are in need.

Rose Drive Second Graders Express themselves Creatively

Rose Drive second graders used their creativity and the resources at their disposal at recess earlier this week, to express their feelings about their school. Leaves were their medium of choice in this case, as they took the time to painstakingly shape a giant heart and the word “LOVE” on the blacktop. What a creative and collaborative way to show their pride for their school. Go Roadrunners! 


Grandmother to Matthew Gomez and former Rose Drive secretary, 
​Mrs. Joan Emenger ​
​ Rose Drive​
​third graders this past week
 with a presentation of her 3
week adventure to the Galapagos Islands and Amazon River.  She shared beautiful pictures and artifacts from her various stops along the way. The 3rd graders got to feel alpaca fur and hear some musical instruments and exotic bird calls.
​ Thank you, Mrs. Emenger, for such an exciting, educational, and hands-on lesson! ​Students were so excited by all that they learned! 

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