First Graders Celebrate Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, Mrs. Parmenter's first graders brushed up on their "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," practices, tying in these important habits to their science unit on plants and animals. Students learned about the importance of plants on our planet earth as the basis of survival - how plants provide all of our food, medicine, and the air we breath. They followed up these important lessons by planting lupine seeds after reading the book, Miss Rumphius and learning all about her pledge to make the world a more beautiful place, as well as poppy seeds (the California state flower) to populate first grade's bed of Rose Drive's school flower garden. The daffodils seen in the picture showed the parts of a plant with the important vocabulary words and definitions on the back, reinforcing their study on the plant life cycle. Students also participated in several hands-on investigations to study the parts of a lima bean, did some expository reading on plants and our environment, and even took a virtual guided walk through the woods. So many wonderful ways to celebrate this special day - and clearly first graders participated in many of them! 

Third Grade Astronomy Night at Rose Drive

Third graders benefited, once again, from the generosity of the Orange County Astronomers Association and their annual astronomy night at Rose Drive, allowing families to view the night sky from a different perspective. Through the use of impressive telescopes and equipment, students had the chance to view the Moon, the planets of Jupiter and Mars, star clusters, constellations and galaxies. A night to remember, giving the expression,  "A Night under the Stars," an entirely new meaning. 

Third Graders Get Hands-on As They Learn All About Seeds

In Mrs. Fast and Thorp's class we are exploring various fruits on a hunt for seeds. We are counting and writing the properties of each seed type. We have learned that seeds hold the embryo of a young plant and look forward to sprouting our own plants in the coming weeks and planting them in our school garden.

Rose Drive 5th Graders Step Outside to Further Their Joy of Reading

Rose Drive 5th grade students took advantage of the beautiful weather today and took their reading lesson outside! Working in small groups, they practiced their fluency through the reading of poetry. The perfect activity for the perfect spring day! 

Read Across America Day at Rose Drive

Dr. Adamson with several students for Dr. Seuss Day

A student dressed as thing 2

A student deeply engaged in their Dr. Seuss book

Three boys ready to read for Dr. Seuss Day

Three girls with Dr. Seuss Books

Two girls as Thing 1 and Thing 2

Dr. Seuss Day photo of the Rose Drive Staff

March 2nd was an exciting day at Rose Drive. To celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday, students and staff arrived in style, wearing red and white, hats, and bow ties. The day’s magic began with an assembly performed by the Imagination Machine cast of actors, bringing to the life the stories written by Rose Drive students themselves! The perfect way to bring stories to life while promoting the joys of reading.  The day offered an array of activities, all centered around reading of course. Pillows, blankets, and beach towels were put to good use during a dedicated time for reading, while guest readers visited to share their favorite books. Lunch time offered a showing of “Seussical the Musical” to promote our school’s upcoming play in June, and the day ended with an all-school reading by Principal Adamson of, “Oh the Places You’ll Go.” What a magical and memorable way to celebrate this historical author’s birthday and showcase our love for reading and the many doors it opens for us. 

Imagination Machine Visits Rose Drive

Imagination Machine student authors

Imagination Machine student authors

Imagination Machine fourth grade student authors

Imagination Machine 5th grade student author

The cast of Imagination Machine visited Rose Drive this past Thursday, March 2nd, A.K.A. Dr. Seuss Day! Transforming the MPR into a hive of activity and excitement, students were treated to one play after another as cast members brought to life stories about hip hop grandmas, snowy adventures, time travel, magical orbs, talking animals, football, and generally unimaginable adventure. The only difference here, however, was that each play was written by one of our very own Rose Drive students. Teachers in grade K - 5 submitted their students’ original stories back in January, from which a select few were chosen for cast members to act out. You can imagine those students’ surprise when their names were announced at the beginning of each play. Not only was the assembly entertaining, but students learned the importance and value of the steps that go into writing a strong story, beginning with the plot, characters, and setting, while leading up to the conflict, climax, and resolution. A special thank you to our wonderful Rose Drive PTA and families for making assemblies such as these possible. Bringing learning to life is how our students learn best and YOU helped make this happen! Pictured are the students whose stories were selected, along with a representative from each kindergarten class and from Mrs. Santa Maria’s class, each of whom submitted stories written as a whole class: The following individual student submissions were selected: Joy Ann Delos Santos (1st), Reese Tarka (2nd), Gavin Hang (3rd), Helen Fang (3rd), Jaiden Choe/Dave Alec/Daniel Vidrio (all 4th grade), and Jimmy Alanis (5th). 

Rose Drive Preppy K Centers

Students in Preppy K centers

Students in Preppy K centers

Students in Preppy K centers

 2 Students in Preppy K centers

Students in Preppy K centers on the floor

Student in a Preppy K center

Room 21 at Rose Drive has been a beehive of excitement and activity this past week, as our Preppy K students showed their appreciation for the new additions to their classroom. Mrs. Helm put her teacher grant money to good use, adding everything from building materials to flash cards and letters – all to complement the many educational activities in which students participate during their daily center time.  Prepping these young minds for the future that awaits them takes creativity and planning, and lots of hands-on materials! All while ensuring our preppy K students are able to enact their 21st-century skills through the daily practice of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking during center rotations, which include reading, building, sorting, and problem-solving, to name but a few of the options. How we adore watching these young minds grow! Their energy and curiosity serves as an inspiration to us daily!