Rose Drive's Preppy K Students "Balance" Math, Movement, and Literature

Mrs. Helm's Preppy K class has been busy not just counting apples - but also balancing them. After reading the Dr. Seuss classic, "Ten Apples on Top," students were then challenged to see how many "apples" (or in this case - beanbags) they could balance on their heads. While no one was actually able to balance ten "apples" (like the characters in the story), several managed to balance four "apples" on top of their heads, while one student even managed five! Impressive! After completing the challenge, students were then asked to demonstrate their achievements using their math trays and counters. What a fabulous way to "balance" math with literature and movement! 

What is Your Story - PTA Reflections


Use one of 5 Art categories to tell us  “What’s Your Story” and enter the National PTA Reflections Art Program.  Open to all students from PK-5th grade.

Entries Due October 24th.

1st-5th graders, Sign Up for ART LUNCH in the MPR to work on your Reflections project on 10/10, 10/11, and 10/12 during lunch, art supplies will be provided.

Pre-Registration required (flyer will be sent home week of 9/19)

Rules and more information at

Questions? contact PTA Reflections Chair Drew Bittel

Rose Drive Students Give “Kudos for Kindness”

Thanks to Christine Phillips, a former Rose Drive graduate and current 8th grader at YLMS, Rose Drive is excited to be launching a school-wide kindness campaign entitled, “Kudos to Kindness”. Christine has already had great success with this program she developed to spread kindness at her own school, YLMS, and is now hoping to spread the benefits to Rose Drive as we work together to “scatter” kindness. Students are being encouraged to watch out for and acknowledge their peers’ acts of kindness by completing s many “Kindness Kudos” cards and adding them to our Kudos for Kindness box in the library. Every Friday, two cards will be drawn, resulting in the reward of a Kindness wristband to both the kind person and the person reporting the kind act. Everything was created and provided by Christine herself, including posters which will serve as a daily reminder to students about the positive and important act of “throwing kindness like confetti”.  Thank you Christine – we cannot wait to experience the many benefits our students stand to reap as a result of this valuable program. 

Patriots’ Day Remembered at Rose Drive

Rose Drive's Patriot Day Assembly, marking the fifteenth-year anniversary of September 11th. Together we recalled how people were brought together, demonstrating strength, unity, and commitment. We gathered to honor our heroes, both present and past, with poetry readings, letters of thanks, and a flag salute. 

Two of our very own 5th graders, Rachel Pham and Duy Luan Hoang presented a powerful reading of the poem, “The American Hero,” by Roger Robicheau, effectively reminding us of the incredible feat of human nature and the ability to sacrifice so much – even life itself for the sake of others. Seven students were selected to read their original poems and letters which captured their heartfelt thanks to our men and women in uniform, both locally and abroad. Justin Hwang, Riley Morikawa, Jennalyn Salazar, Oliver Pedyash, Allisan Hwang, and Reagan Fan touched our hearts with their personal and heartfelt crafted words to the group of police officers and deputies present.    

 The ceremony concluded appropriately with a flag salute led by our local Boy Scouts troop, who ceremoniously presented the American flag and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. While it is hard not to approach this day and accompanying memories with a heavy heart, students were challenged to take the rest of the day on with kindness and service in their hearts, and encouraged to spread kindness in as many possible ways in order to make a difference to as many people as possible.

Get Movin Crew

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This year to make it easier than ever for friends and family, Rose Drive PTA has partnered up with The Original Get Movin Crew.  Please take a moment to register your child/children for this exciting event.  Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Go to the website,
Step 2: Go to the Red Box on the right bottom corner of the website. Click Get Register.
Step 3: Click Green Bar to register. Fill Out Parent Info.
Step 4: On the Right top corner click on +Add Student. Fill Out Students Info.
Step 5: Email and Post on Facebook the link for your child’s webpage to allow friends and family to donate.

Any further questions please contact Heidi Woodward or Krystle Altenbach

Annie Jr. Red Carpet Event

June 14th was movie day at Rose Drive, allowing the entire student body the opportunity to watch the recorded movie of our Annie Jr. production. It seemed fitting, therefore, that on June 13th, the day before this special showing, Annie Jr. cast members were treated to a special “Red Carpet” event and pre-screening of the movie. Annie themed cupcakes, red licorice, and “Martinelli's” toasts were among the delicious treats in which our Annie “stars” indulged before they began their red carpet walk to their seats, accompanied by the applause of staff and parents. A well-deserved treat for these shining superstars! 

Locks of Love

On June 10th, the following 9 brave and selfless Rose Drive students donated 10 inches or more of their gorgeous and healthy hair to Locks of Love: Lily Cho, Presley Langworthy, Grace Evans, Samantha Acedo, Guanru Chang, Leilani Maldonado, Rachel Kirchner, Iris Loza, and Ruth Jacob. Planning for this event was no easy feat - requiring the girls to provide plenty of forethought, thus allowing time and patience for sufficient hair growth. Joining the girls in donating their hair on this morning were four Rose Drive staff members, Ms. Perr (event organizer), Brandee Cook, Vicki Osborn, and Dori Fregoso. Participants were placed in the very capable hands of three hair stylists, who graciously donated their time to participate: Sarah, Rebecca, and Christin.  Sustenance was provided in the form of donated snacks and coffee, compliments of local businesses.   

All hair donations were submitted directly to Locks of Love (, a not-for-profit organization that provides the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children with medical hair loss.  Most recipients have lost their hair due to an auto-immune condition known as alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure.  Others have suffered severe burns, radiation treatment, or any number of dermatological conditions resulting in long term or permanent hair loss.   

Thank you to all of you for your participation in this worthy and most necessary cause. Your thoughtful donations will go a long way to helping young children feel more like themselves again. We commend your generosity and courage.