Rose Drive Third Graders Step Forward into the Future

Valentine's Day just happened to be Day 100 of Rose Drive third graders celebrated Valentine's Day in good 'old fashioned' style by dressing up as if we were 100 years old! Our men sported button-down shirts with bow ties, suspenders and cardigans, while the ladies wore eye glasses, hair buns, and pearls.  The students were inspired by their story writing which required them to forecast 92 years into their future.  Many wrote about being retired and traveling the world, grandkids, gray hair and wrinkles, while others focused on life of the future with hoover wheelchairs and self driving cars. Their individual pictures were taken using an app that enhances them with wrinkles and saggy skin. Both the stories and photos were on display at our Open House and were a hit!

Rose Drive Third Graders Visit the Library

Not only did third graders have a blast on their trip to the Yorba Linda Library on February 17th, but they learned a lot too. The lesson included requirements for students wishing to open an account and check out books. Students were rewarded at the end with time to browse and put into action the tips they learned to locate books of interest. The trip concluded with a walking tour of the historic buildings nearby! We cannot think of a better way to nurture a love for reading and books! 

February Kindness Challenge at Rose Drive

During the month of February, Rose Drive students are being challenged to “scatter kindness” by practicing as many random acts of kindness on a daily basis as they can. To help in this cause, YLMS 8th grader, Cristine Philips, created her own February Random Acts of Kindness calendar, which offers one suggested act of kindness for every day of the month. The goal is for every student to practice the day’s act of kindness on as many people as they can – thus doing their part to scatter kindness. Students have accepted the challenge with gusto, lining up in front of the giant poster every morning to remind themselves of the daily challenge. This all ties in with Cristine’s “Kudos for Kindness” program which continues to have far-reaching affects school-wide, as students do their part to not only practice kindness, but recognize it in others.

Team Roadrunners Raise Money for Childhood Cancer Care

Rose Drive’s 5th grade leadership team, TEAM Roadrunners, certainly was busy this past week. Selling licorice at recess time to raise money for childhood cancer, they are excited to have already raised over $200. Given the huge success of this fundraiser, sales have been extended through the coming week! Thank you TEAM Roadrunners for your innovation and determination to raise awareness about this terrible disease that affects so many children today. All proceeds will be donated directly to CHOC, to support ongoing research in the area of childhood cancer. 

Rose Drive Super Saturday School Fun

The words Saturday and school are not usually concepts one would expect to ignite much excitement among children - but excitement and lots of smiles are exactly what we observed last Saturday at Rose Drive. Taking advantage of this perfect opportunity to make up prior absences this year, students were invited to participate in an extra day of learning in a fun and hands-on manner.  Students used this time to catch up on online progress for ST Math and Ticket to Read and to get moving with a variety of activities in the MPR, many of which included balloon and scarf tossing and bat and ball games. Students and teachers had so much fun that the question repeated by almost every Roadrunner present was, “When is the next one?” A resounding success and yes – our next Super Saturday will be announced shortly! 

Rose Drive Roadrunners Say Yes To Success!

Last week Rose Drive was visited by the Razzle Bam Boom dynamic duo, Mark and Obediah, for their engaging and powerful assembly, “Say Yes to Success!” Funded by our PTA as means to reinforce our ongoing PBIS program, the presenters shared a motivating message about how hard work, practice, and perseverance can pay off. Combining the perfect blend of motivation and excitement, each show was appropriately adapted for each grade level, making the message applicable and valuable for all ages.  Fun and appropriately silly at times, the message was received loudly and clearly: Hard work, determination, practice, and perseverance do, in fact, pay off and will give us the results we desire!  

Groundhog Day Predictions at Rose Drive


First​ grade meteorologists tuned in to see the famous meteorologist, Punxsutawney Phil, emerge from his burrow in Pennsylvania to make his annual Groundhog Day proclamation. Unfortunately, he saw his shadow and declared 6 more weeks of winter. First graders took the lesson a step further by making their very own Punxsutawney Phil meteorologist glasses, complete with their predictions (summer or winter) which were recorded ahead of time and displayed using a prediction graph. Learning was extended even further as students went on to learn all about hibernation! The perfect occasion to tie in so many wonderful new learning opportunities.  ​