Kindergarten Field Day - An Introduction to first Grade

Rose Drive fifth graders and Kindergartners came together this pat week for an end of the year "Field Day." To help introduce kindergartners to the elements of what to expect for PE next year in first grade, PE coach, Mr. Beltran solicited the assistance of the fifth graders to serve as buddies and coaches to the kindergarten students as they completed one fun activity after another. A fun time was had by all as students collaborated and completed each challenge. A special thank you to our group of fifth grade leaders who demonstrated patience and compassion as they worked with these young students.

Jeweler's Touch Visits Rose Drive First Graders

Rose Drive First graders were rockin' with the rocks and minerals presentation given to them by Jimmy and Jason from Jeweler's Touch in Placentia this past week. They learned about the igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks - how they are formed and their properties. They were excited about learning about precious gemstones and what their own birthstones are. In addition to a powerpoint presentation, Jimmy and Jason brought a large array of rock and mineral samples for students to see and touch. Students were especially excited about seeing a piece of rock from outer space - a 4.4 billion-year-old meteorite! Following the presentation, students were engaged in learning about precious rocks they were given with notes showing what their rock was and where in the world it is found. 

Inspiring Future Engineers!

Rose Drive third graders were recently treated to an informative and interactive session with Mr. Dickie, fellow student Kyle Milton’s uncle. Mr. Dickie visited our very lucky third graders from the Jet Provisional Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, with the intent to inform and inspire future engineers. Mr. Dickie began with an overview of his own interests that inspired him as a young boy to want to be an engineer. His lesson offered a fascinating comparison of technology, identifying the differences from when he was a third-grader to what he gets to work with today. He also shared some behind the scenes pictures of the JPL, showing the different missions and orbiters controlled by the JPL labs. Students were provided a detailed explanation of how microchips are prepared, along with a viewing of an actual silicon wafer. This was all presented, of course, in the daily dust-free clothes that Mr. Dickie has to wear while working. Fascinating and motivating! Thank you, Mr. Dickie, for giving up your time. We know your lessons have planted seeds in the minds of our future engineers!  

Rose Drive Teachers Give Thanks to Our Incredible Parent Volunteers

May 16th was Volunteer Appreciation Day at Rose Drive and what better way to say "Thanks a Latte" to our team of parent volunteers than with a morning of relaxation, coffee, and sweet treats? Parent volunteers were invited to stop by in the morning for some coffee and pastries to go (for those on their way to work) or spend some time relaxing on our staff patio savoring that "cuppa joe" with friends. This was nothing but a mere token of our heartfelt appreciation for everything our volunteers do for our staff, students, and families. We are so very appreciative and grateful for their tireless involvement, enthusiasm, and energy - and know we simply could not accomplish everything we do without them.
Rose Drive Volunteers - THANK YOU! You are, "Simply the Best!" 

Fifth and Second Grade Reading Buddies

The love of reading is one Rose Drive students are always willing to share and pass on. That is exactly what happened this past week when Mrs. Woodward's second graders teamed up with Mrs. Osborn's 5th graders. Students took turns reading to each other some of their favorite stories, finding common ground and many subjects over which to bond.  

Rose Drive Honorary Volunteer Award

Congratulations to Rose Drive’s 2017 Community Volunteer Honoree: Mrs. Krisjan Hoover. Thank you, Krisjan, for your incredible dedication, sacrifice, patience, and compassion. How proud we were to recognize you on May 9th at this year’s district recognition ceremony, where volunteers from every school in our district were honored – in appreciation for all you do for our children. Your sacrifices will live on in the lives of our students forever.

Preppy K Octopus Math

Mrs. Helm’s preppy k students were invited to the office this past week to show off their remarkable math and creative skills. Each Preppy K student arrived armed with a delightful paper constructed octopus to assist them in this process. Not only were they able to articulate important facts about this fascinating ocean animal, such as how an octopus has big eyes, a soft body, and 8 tentacles, but they were challenged to count and number each of the tentacles too. Students explained how the stickers they attached to the end of each tentacle symbolized the suckers. Math, art, science, and public speaking - all culminating into one activity - impressive indeed!